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Dreaming Big

The New School is engaging with Nona Hendryx’s The Dream Machine at Lincoln Center! Join us for a conversation on Tuesda

The Dismantling of the Schools of Public Engagement at The New School

Yet another reinvention. Which prompted the in-house historians–Mark Larrimore and me–to write this to the executi

I’m delighted to announce the (re)launch of the New School Histories website (after a major malware infection that rende

I’m so proud of my friend (and former student and graduate of the Bachelor’s Program at The New School). Here is a

Willa Cather’s New York Intersections

The 18th International Cather Seminar will be held at The New School from June 21-23, 2023. The topic: Willa Cather’s Ne


The New School seems addicted to crisis. But we’re in a big one at the moment. Part-time faculty have been on strike sin

New New School Stories

Radhika Subramaniam and I taught a graduate course at Parsons this semester on “Curating Public Memory” in which s

My latest in our New School Histories column at Public Seminar, taking on the various mis-uses of the school’s legacies.

Realizing The New School: Lessons From the Past

A collection of essays marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of The New School, in 1919. Essays look at the role of th

Our Public Seminar essays on the histories of The New School, collected in one place (with new introductory and concluding ess

More New School Histories

Even though The New School’s centennial celebration has ended, our investigation of its past continues. We wrote a new i

A Purple Squirrel Unicorn

“Find the purple squirrel unicorn: Do Not Settle.” That was the directive that struck me when I read through the anonymous

A School

My remarks at the opening the New School Collaboratory Symposium (16 November 2019). As a historian at a place called the new,


My remarks upon the retirement of Thelma Armstrong, who worked at the New School for thirty-six years. The writer Colson White

More New School

More essays on New School Histories at Public Seminar! One of my favorites is from my co-conspirator Mark Larrimore who penned

New School Histories

Exploring the histories of the New School to contextualize and confront pressing issues facing higher education now–essa

A School for the Present

In honor of the New School’s centenary: research, reflection, and critique on higher education in preparation for the ne

Join our class this fall! And check out our re-designed New School Histories website.

On James Baldwin and The New School

When Mark Larrimore and I first began discussing teaching a course on the history of the New School, it was clear that a centr

Social Justice, Then and Now

Mark Larrimore and I were invited back to speak at Staff Development Day at The New School. It has become one of our favorite

In honor of women’s history month and, more important, in honor of Gerda Lerner: The New School is hosting a showing of

The New School recently launched a re-organization and re-branding of its continuing education efforts under the title Open Ca

Drawing With Words, Writing with Images

At GIDEST, we had the pleasure of listening to Lauren Redniss describe her work. I was asked to give a response.

Exile as Haven

I wrote a response to the despicable hate crime that occurred at The New School this weekend on Public Seminar. I wish for two

Memories and Politics of Exile

I will be in Paris next week talking at a symposium that commemorates the École Libres Des Hautes Études (1942-46) that was

Back to School

The semester has started with histories of the New School: presentations at various orientations and the latest version of a u

Masterpieces of Everyday New York

In 2013, the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center initiated an exhibition on “objects as story,” prompted by curricular

Fellow to Fellow

One fellowship ends, another soon begins. From the Center for Ballet and the Arts (at NYU), I go to the Graduate Institute for

New School Histories

NSSR, 1969, New School Archives Histories of the New School are accumulating: video here of Mark Larrimore and I contending wi

States of Incarceration

The exhibition has arrived! It’s open until April 24 at the Aronson Galleries, 66 5th Ave. Virtual version here. News ar

When to Say What to Whom

Last week featured talks by three candidates for Dean of our odd collection of programs. It’s not an easy job, and I am grat

Human Relations

I have long wanted to know more about an oddly named enterprise at the New School called the Human Relations Center. I had a h


Designing the exhibit component on Rikers Island is crashing to an end, full speed. There are many, many details to be attende


We are moving in on Rikers. Students have decided upon the theme of the visibility/invisibility paradox of the island. For som

Curating the Archives

The summer 2014 exhibition is now online! The virtual version includes reflections about the unusual demands of the exhibition

What is New is Old

I gave a talk for the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation on July 8, 2015, on the history of the New School. V

Welcome to the Neue School

This spring the New School announced a new branding identity, one based on a specially made font (called “Neue”) and a new

Mom-and-Pop Institutions

The New School has attracted a string of devoted, long-serving administrators, most of whom have been women. One of them was W


The Vera List Center for Art and Politics gives a biennial prize to an artwork that advances social justice. Theaster Gates’

West Side Story: A Life

A writing experiment: to describe the book as a biography. Biography (A Life). Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. James Joyce:

The Carceral City

I walked through Crown Heights a few days ago and came across this odd mobile police unit. Students in my class knew exactly w

Creative Justice

For two intensive weeks that covered 40 hours of class time, students in Piper Anderson’s “Creative Justice” class read

Arts and Social Engagement

We are launching a new curricular area at The New School as of Fall 2014!

Yes, And: Thinking about Cities

I had the pleasure of reading Aseem Inam’s new book recently. I am not an urban planner nor an urban designer nor an expert

The First Day: Two Truths and a Lie

I have eaten at a diner in all 50 states; I helped start a company; I have jumped out of plane. Two truths and a lie: it’s a

Aims of Education

Convocation address, The New School, September 2009. I am on my fourth career. I think it’s going pretty well, but IR

Barbara Morgan Captures Dance



Part of “This is Your Exhibition,” on view on 3rd Floor, 66 W. 12th St.. Image source: MoMa  I grew up loving ballet, hat

Democratizing the Archives

Co-authored with Claire Potter What’s in an archive? This was the question that brought Claire Potter’s class, “New York

A New School Minute (or Two)

For Alumni Day on May 11, 2013, the Alumni Office asked twenty faculty and staff to give a 60-second lecture. Tasked with the

Offense + Dissent: Image, Conflict, Belonging

Exhibition at Kellen Gallery, The New School (2014); Curators: Julia Foulkes, Mark Larrimore, and Radhika Subramaniam Twenty-f

Arts and Social Engagement

A poem can change the world. Or just one person’s life. What explains the connection between an artwork and an individual,

New School Histories

When the New School for Social Research opened its doors a hundred years ago, it offered courses in the social sciences and pu