julia foulkes


Various resources studying and documenting the many complex infrastructures that sustain urban life.

NYC Subway
nycsubway.org is a site dedicated to the history of the New York City Subway system, including photos, maps, and documents.

Underground Scene: New York’s Subway Back in the Day
Photographs from LIFE’s collections documenting the way that the subway looked, worked, and felt, in the middle of the 20th century.

Seeing Networks in New York City
New York’s network infrastructure is a lot like the city itself: messy, sprawling, and at times near-incomprehensible. However, the city’s tendency toward flux is a strange blessing for the infrastructure sightseer: markings and remnants of the network are almost everywhere, once you know how to look for them. An ongoing project of Ingrid Burrington.

Geologic City
An ongoing exploration of NY’s geologic history and present.

Urban Omnibus
This online publication of the Architectural League of New York has a series on Infrastructure and another on the Location of Justice.