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The Arts and Everyday Life in New York

The fusion between New York and the arts is taken for granted, but how and why did this occur? What do the arts mean to New Yo

Urban Choreography: Bodies and Cities in Motion

Jane Jacobs’ invocation of a “sidewalk ballet”–a highly technical and stylized form of dance–unbares the routine mov

Curating Public Memory

Museums and memorials have long functioned as markers of a society’s past, most often as sites of celebration and honor. But

Cullman Center Institute for Teachers

I’m delighted to be in teaching in the Cullman Center Institute for Teachers from July 15-19, 2024. We’ll be talki

Urban Choreography

This semester I’m teaching a new course. I’ve hesitated to teach about dance too directly, worried about scaring off stude

On Aesthetic Education

In my attempt to understand the rise of New York as a “culture city,” I am focusing on the rise of Lincoln Center. There

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Back to School

The semester has started with histories of the New School: presentations at various orientations and the latest version of a u


Designing the exhibit component on Rikers Island is crashing to an end, full speed. There are many, many details to be attende

Objects and Space

My class on “Arts and Social Engagement” ends with a look at institutions and policy. Bricks-and-mortar and intell


We are moving in on Rikers. Students have decided upon the theme of the visibility/invisibility paradox of the island. For som

Critiquing Critics

In class recently we discussed the role of critics. Much like a curator (our previous week’s topic), critics mediate an artw

Presenting Prisons

My class visited Eastern State Penitentiary, a museum in Philadelphia, to explore how it presents the history of the prison an

Prison Was…

Photo: Rikers Island, ca. 1915, Museum of the City of New York Incarceration will occupy much of my fall semester. With Radhik

Mickey Mao

Why do Chinese students study U.S. history?

America in 5 Objects

What do the Statue of Liberty, Barbie doll, buffalo nickel, Uncle Sam, and Grant Wood’s American Gothic have in common?

West Side Story: A Life

A writing experiment: to describe the book as a biography. Biography (A Life). Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. James Joyce:

The Carceral City

I walked through Crown Heights a few days ago and came across this odd mobile police unit. Students in my class knew exactly w

Creative Justice

For two intensive weeks that covered 40 hours of class time, students in Piper Anderson’s “Creative Justice” class read

What Did We Do?

The final class of “Arts and Social Engagement” included group presentations of a diorama of an exhibit about advertisemen

Rappin’ on Education

Rather than talk about Creative Arts Therapy in my class in Arts and Social Engagement, we did some. We decided on a social pr

Arts and Social Engagement

We are launching a new curricular area at The New School as of Fall 2014!

The First Day: Two Truths and a Lie

I have eaten at a diner in all 50 states; I helped start a company; I have jumped out of plane. Two truths and a lie: it’s a

Aims of Education

Convocation address, The New School, September 2009. I am on my fourth career. I think it’s going pretty well, but IR

Democratizing the Archives

Co-authored with Claire Potter What’s in an archive? This was the question that brought Claire Potter’s class, “New York

A New School Minute (or Two)

For Alumni Day on May 11, 2013, the Alumni Office asked twenty faculty and staff to give a 60-second lecture. Tasked with the

Arts and Social Engagement

A poem can change the world. Or just one person’s life. What explains the connection between an artwork and an individual,

Art + City

Cities are hubs of artistic activity. People are drawn to cities because of their artistic offerings and they are the pla

New York City: Past Present Future

New York City exists as a physical and imaginary place, both a dense concrete maze and a blowzy personality. This course exami

New School Histories

When the New School for Social Research opened its doors a hundred years ago, it offered courses in the social sciences and pu

U.S. History in 13 Acts

Most of us learn a straightforward narrative of the history of the United States that begins with the arrival of colonize