julia foulkes

studying nyc

nyc in general

Official website of the city as well as seminal textsand studies of New York.


A collection of contemporary and historical maps of NYC


Various resources and materials about the city intransition, and the many attempts to define andpreserve what is valuable

in the media

From Blitzer’s 1905 short film about a newly opened subway line, to RadioLab’s podcasts on what makes cities tick, New York has been explored through a variety of media formats.


Resources and directions for studying the city’s built environment.

sensory city

A collection of resources recording mapping, and analyzing the sensory experiences of the city


Resources about historical and contemporary NYC in photographic collections

by the numbers

A list of quantitative resources by private and public agencies about the city


Various resources studying and documenting the many complex Infrastructures that sustain urban life

in the archives

A collection of links to various archives collections