julia foulkes

Dreaming Big

The New School is engaging with Nona Hendryx’s The Dream Machine at Lincoln Center! Join us for a conversation on Tuesday, June 25, 7:30-9pm. Info here.

How can different disciplines engage, re-think and explore cross-disciplinary collaboration? What are the questions? What are the fears? How do we stay connected and human in the abundance of technology creating rapid moving landscapes, new realities, and global impacts? What can we dream? Join faculty from The New School working in architecture, creative performance, design and psychology for a dynamic conversation centered in Afro-Futurism, technology, and storytelling. The program will open with a performance on Fiddle Henge, a robotically controlled array of four violins mounted on a 24” bass drum that is played by a motorized acrylic disk; and The Illustrious Blacks will provide a closing set to engage our bodies, spirits, and minds. Program curated by Gayle Fekete with New School faculty Pani Favid, Julia Foulkes, Maya Georgieva, Jeongki Lim, Katie Swenson,and Ross Wightman.

And while you’re at Lincoln Center, check out the mural by the Ex-Vandals, commissioned by Etienne Charles, on the wall of Amsterdam Avenue just north of 62nd Street. I wrote the script for the AR version that Nona Hendryx made for the Dream Machine installation.