Month: August 2018


Conversation is an integral part of Netta Yerushalmy’s conception of Paramodernities. There’s a performance of dance and words and then a conversation about it all. Broad questions hover above as titles running atop the stage: Who has the right to dance what? What power does a moving body hold, what a speaking body? What does it mean to repeat choreography? These questions are woven through the performances themselves and then addressed in conversation with the viewers. Read more…

Happy 100, Lenny!

Leonard Bernstein was born 100 years ago on August 25. A German documentary titled “West Side Story—Bernstein’s Broadway Hit,” in which I appear, will have its premiere on the Arte channel in Germany on August 19 at 17:30; trailer here. I am also a part of a story on Bernstein on August 25 on the BBC program “Music Matters”; online streaming here. Both programs discuss the relation of Bernstein and West Side Story to New York City–one of my favorite topics.


The world premiere of Paramodernities occurred last week at Jacob’s Pillow. What a whirlwind! Preview article of the project in the New York Times here; reviews of the series here, here, and here. Most anecdotal commentary I heard: “this was so interesting.” Netta got us all moving and thinking. What a tremendous privilege to be part of it all.