Month: July 2018

On Aesthetic Education

In my attempt to understand the rise of New York as a “culture city,” I am focusing on the rise of Lincoln Center. There’s lots to investigate beyond the demolition and construction of buildings, as crucial as those are to the story. I’ve long known, for instance, that the Lincoln Center Institute–the educational arm of the complex, now a part of the wider umbrella known as Lincoln Center Education–demanded more of my attention. Even more enticing: starting in 1975, for nearly thirty years, the institute had a philosopher-in-residence, Maxine Greene. Read more…

A School for the Present

In honor of the New School’s centenary: research, reflection, and critique on higher education in preparation for the next 100. Mark Larrimore and I are editing a new column on Public Seminar on New School Histories. (Announcement and call for articles here.) Contribute!