Month: March 2017

Social Justice, Then and Now

Mark Larrimore and I were invited back to speak at Staff Development Day at The New School. It has become one of our favorite events because the audience is the best one for tales of New School history. Staff, in fact, enact and carry forward so many of the traditions of the school. This year we were asked to talk about social justice-past, which was complemented by social justice-present by Maya Wiley, our new Senior VP for Social Justice. The New School first taught a course that included that topic in 1925! Video of talk here.

Together, in NYC and the Obits

Trisha Brown (choreographer), David Rockefeller (banker and philanthropist), Jimmy Breslin (journalist), and Bob Silvers (founding editor of the New York Review of Books): shakers and makers of arts and culture in postwar New York all gone in the last few days. None were young; all were vital. It’s a reminder of an era of a dizzying pendulum swing, roughly from the 1960s to the 1990s, in a city defined by extremes – from the wealthy global capital instantiated in the World Trade Center (thanks to Rockefeller) to the fiscal and political crisis just a few years later and then its long aftermath (reported on by Breslin). Read more…

In honor of women’s history month and, more important, in honor of Gerda Lerner: The New School is hosting a showing of a documentary about Lerner tomorrow (details here). I will give brief remarks about Lerner’s role in building women’s history. She started doing so as an older student, returning for her BA degree, at The New School.